Boss VE-500 Vocal Performer Effects Pedal

Looping, FX, and Vocal Harmonies On Demand

Guitarists — how would you like to robo-tune or reverberate your vocals with the press of a switch? Create lush three-part harmonies and dynamic loops as inspiration strikes? It’s all possible with the BOSS VE-500 Vocal Performer!

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An onboard instrument input and through output allows the VE-500 to generate smooth, natural, intelligent vocal harmonies just by listening to your chord voicings. No theory or programming is required. A clean XLR mic preamp with adjustable gain and onboard 48V phantom power provide the all front end you need for favorite stage condenser or dynamic mic. Meanwhile, the VE-500’s 99 programmable user presets keep whole sets’ worth of 32-bit floating point effects — distortion, delay, filtering, reverb, and more — ready at a moment’s notice. Stereo XLR outputs deliver your best performances directly into a PA system or recording medium for safekeep

BOSS-grade pedal effects for your voice

Who says guitarists should get all the fun? The BOSS VE-500 unlocks the same artistic expression from your voice that your favorite BOSS pedals do from your instruments.

Sweeten, loop, or harmonize

The BOSS VE-500 offers three ways to electrify your vocals onstage and in the studio. It’s a(n):

  • 32-bit multi-effects unit — Looking for the perfect stereo reverb or delay to connect your vocals to the heart of a song? In the mood for a little grit and distortion? How about a vocoder or telephone effect? The VE-500 offers limitless options for sweetening your voice onstage. 99 user presets store your favorites for quick access.

  • Dedicated looper — whether you’re a solo or ensemble artist, the VE-500’s dedicated looper function will dazzle your audience with on-the-spot overpassing. Singing over built beats and harmonizing with your own voice are just some of the possibilities waiting for you in the VE-500.
  • Intelligent harmonizer —The VE-500 proves that you don’t have to be a gifted singer or trained music theorist to create compelling vocal harmonies for your choruses. Just run the unit as an insert alongside your other pedal effects, and be amazed as the VE-500 creates rich, natural-sounding vocal harmonies at the slightest prompting.

Harmonizes via guitar or MIDI

The VE-500 generates intelligent real-time 2- and 3-part harmonies just by listening to your chord voicings. Tracking is top notch, and voicings sound sweet and musical. The VE-500 also features a MIDI input to be fed parts from a laptop or keyboard controller.