Roland V-Drums TD-02K Electronic Drum Set

Electronic Drum Set with 4 Drum Pads, 3 Cymbal Pads, 2 Pedal Controllers, MD-MINI Stand, and TD-02K Drum Module


Compact and Functional Starter e-Kit

For quiet practices, a smaller footprint, and budget-friendly sample controlling, drummers recommend entering the e-drumming realm with the V-Drums TD-02K Electronic Drum Set from Roland. You’ll receive a standard 5-piece configuration (including the bass drum pedal) to keep your creative options open, topped off with hi-hat, crash, and ride cymbal pads. The TD-02K Module houses a healthy 16 factory drum kits, a metronome, and even allows you to train and test your time with five coach function modes — perfect for percussive pupils! Expand your sample range by connecting the USB-B output to your computer software’s drum presets and record the sounds you want on your own terms. For personalized practice and jam sessions with your favorite tracks, an 1/8-inch aux input and a Bluetooth adapter slot afford you the freedom to connect your phone however you like. Talk about a springboard!

Inside the TD-02K e-drum brain

The 16-kit selection of the Roland TD-02K Module supplies some versatility to match most rhythmic moods without overcomplicating matters. Beyond its presets, however, are a handful of helpful tools for aiding beginners in nailing down their technique. Check out Time Check — both the easy and hard modes! Then, start improving your entrances and stick confidence with Quiet Count, Auto Up/Down, and Change-Up modes. Want to set the pace? No problem! The metronome gives you the choice of five rhythm types, 15 sounds, and a tempo range from 20 to 260 bpm. The TD-02K is an ideal practice companion that will not just improve your playing, but will also help make the transition to an acoustic kit smooth and comfortable down the line.

Pad-less pedals and adjustable hardware

Part of the beauty of the TD-02K is its universally compact design. Since it utilizes the FD-1 and KT-1 hi-hat and kick drum control pedals, you won’t have to maneuver around bulky kick pads or extra stands that take up space. The same can be said for the MDS-MINI Drum Stand, providing a 3-leg rack-style foundation for your drum pads, cymbal pads, and module. But just because it’s small, it doesn’t mean you can’t configure! Simply loosen any of the boom arms or drum pad mounts, and slide, tilt, or turn accordingly. Apartments, bedrooms, that tiny crowded corner in the basement — there’s plenty of room for the TD-02K.

e-drumming made easy!

Every drummer’s journey is different, and e-drumming can be a leap into a world completely unfamiliar to many. However, whether you’re just starting out or looking to dip your toes into the waters of e-drumming, the TD-02K is your quiet and zero-nonsense compact solution. With such versatile training features in such a small package, you really can’t go wrong in choosing the TD-02K Electronic Drum Set as a starting point. Pull up a chair and start playing today!


  • Included triggers: 3 x PD-4 tom pads, 1 x PD-4 snare pad, 1 x CY-5 hi-hat pad, 1 x CY-5 crash pad, 1 x CY-5 ride pad, 1 x KT-1 kick controller pedal, and 1 x FD-1 hi-hat controller pedal
  • 3-leg MDS-MINI Drum Stand is compact and configurable to meet your reach preferences
  • Adjustable pad mounts and cymbal arms easily accommodates custom setups
  • TD-02K module offers 16 factory kits, metronome, rhythm types, and 5 coach function modes
  • Bluetooth adapter slot and Mix In connection allows for both wired and wireless phone connection to external audio players/phones
  • USB-B computer connection enables conjunctive usage with your software’s drum samples
  • Reduced footprint is an ideal fit for apartments, bedrooms, and crowded spaces
  • Excellent choice as an e-drumming introductory setup