Roland SPD-SX Pro Sampling Pad

Sampling Percussion Pad with 9 Velocity-sensitive Pads, 8 Trigger Inputs, 6 Outputs, Color Display, 200 Kit Patches, 1550 Sounds, Step Sequencer, High-visibility LEDs, Onboard FX, Recording Capabilities, and 32GB Internal Memory


Physical Control, Digital Exploration

Picking up on the work of its predecessor, Roland’s SPD-SX Pro Sampling Pad is a masterwork in terms of fusing the worlds of live and electronic percussive performance. Nine responsive, high-sensitivity playing surfaces are lined with customizable LEDs, creating a percussion playground as visually dazzling as it is sonically robust. Explore over 1,500 pre-loaded samples and 200 kit patches with the full-color display screen, accompanying a streamlined interface and robust I/O to easily integrate the SPD-SX Pro in any setup. Onboard effects and a 16-step sequencer allow for even greater expressive opportunities. Plus, a 32GB memory can convert and house high-quality audio samples to expand your aural arsenal. From solo to band play, in the studio or on the stage, production pros agree that the SPD-SX Pro is an unrelenting percussive powerhouse engineered for exploration.

Expressive playability with an expansive soundset

Roland’s SPD-SX Pro features an expansive array of dynamic sounds that respond amazingly to the nine velocity-sensitive pads. Snare rolls sound natural, cymbals respond to every nuance of your playing, and percussion sounds have a lifelike feel to them you won’t get anywhere else. Improving upon its predecessor, the SPD-SX Pro has increased the sensitivity of its three shoulder pads to improve crosstalk performance. Extensive connectivity options allow for hi-hat and footswitch expression control, alongside connectivity to accommodate upwards of eight distinct triggers for a total of 19 possible playing surfaces.

Intuitive sampling

You can create your own samples and loops from playing on the Roland SPD-SX Pro, or from an external audio source routed to the SPD-SX Pro’s 1/4-inch inputs. Just press a button to enter sampling mode, touch the pad you want to start recording, and touch it again to end recording and create a perfect loop. Real-time recordings can be saved as WAV files and immediately assigned, for on-the-fly improvisation. Plus, the onboard 32GB of internal storage is perfect for your own samples and sounds, capable of automatically converting incoming audio to 48 kHz/16-bit for crystalline playback.

Premium performance from the studio to the stage

Whether you’re flying solo, complementing a full drum kit, or integrating with an array of devices, the SPD-SX Pro has you covered. An intuitive UI includes access to 200 kit patches and more than 1,500 pre-loaded sounds, using a vivid 4.3-inch full-color display. Multi-color LEDs surround the pads, fully customizable for practical and aesthetic distinctions. Robust FX and sidechain possibilities elevate your sonic textures, and the 16-step sequencer adds plenty of layering and distinction to your performance. A dedicated SPD-SX Pro App can be used for deep edits and modifications of onboard, custom, or Roland Cloud samples. Utilize USB connectivity to send 8-channel audio and MIDI to your DAW of choice, expanding your repertoire for endless customization.


  • Huge selection of dynamic sounds, controlled by highly responsive, velocity-sensitive trigger pads
  • 200 kit patches (43 erasable preset kits and 157 user kits) allow for a suite of sound setups
  • 1,500 preset sounds are fully modifiable to be tailored to your tunes
  • Quick and easy sampling for capturing inspiration when it hits
  • Simultaneous FX add premium textures to hard-hitting drums
  • 32GB of internal memory provides ample space for high-quality audio storage
  • User-based samples are automatically converted to 48 kHz/16-bit for crystal-clear playback
  • Large backlit LED screen makes it easy to navigate settings, programs, and 2-layer modification
  • 1/4-inch audio input for external sampling sources, hi-hats, footswitch control, and more
  • 8 external outputs can host four stereo triggers or 8 mono triggers (with Y-cables)
  • Real-time recording captures performances as high-quality WAV files to immediately assign to pads
  • 16-step sequencer enables rich supplements to performance
  • Dedicated SPD-SX PRO App allows for fine-tuned and detailed editing, storage, and management of kits and samples (Windows/Mac)
  • Easy to integrate into a traditional drum or percussion kit