Rediscovering the Joy of Piano: A Guide for Returning Players

Many of us took piano lessons as children only to abandon the instrument later on. However, returning to the piano as an adult can be a more enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

Revisiting the Instrument

Often, children are introduced to musical instruments, but the interest doesn’t always stick. I remember quitting percussion in my school band because I wanted a real drum set. Years later, I decided to give drums another try, and the experience was completely different. As an adult, I had the freedom to be creative and play the music I loved. Similarly, returning to the piano after a long break can be an incredibly rewarding experience.

Utilizing Past Experience

Adults who return to the piano usually have some foundational knowledge, much like riding a bike. Start by reacquainting yourself with the instrument, then gradually increase your comfort level. The freedom to learn at your own pace and choose pieces that interest you makes the journey more enjoyable.

Identify a major goal for your piano journey. Whether it’s forming an Elton John cover band or expanding your creative skills, setting a clear objective will guide your learning process. Break down your main goal into smaller, manageable milestones.

Today’s technology offers numerous online resources for learning piano. Whether you’re into Nirvana or Chopin, you can find free lessons on YouTube. One of the biggest advantages of learning as an adult is the array of available resources and modern gear. Choose a piano that meets your needs and enhances your playing experience.

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Choosing the Right Piano

Buying a piano is akin to purchasing a car—you need to connect with its look, sound, and feel. Economical models like Roland’s GO:PIANO are excellent for beginners, while the GO:KEYS offers expanded soundscapes for those wanting more variety. High-end performance models and luxury pianos are also available. Use online tools such as video demos, buyer’s guides, and performance videos to research and find a piano that inspires you and aligns with your goals.