Why V-Drums Are Perfect For Beginners

Explore the reasons why electronic drums have become a popular choice among new drummers. They offer user-friendly operation, an enjoyable playing experience, and come with integrated learning features that make them highly appealing.

For a century, the drum set has been a mainstay in popular music. While acoustic drums can be finicky and loud, electronic drum sets offer an ideal solution. With electronic drums, new drummers can enjoy easy use, fun play, and built-in learning opportunities without worrying about volume or tuning.

Easy to use and fun to play!

Electronic drums offer a range of features in one set, making them easy to use and fun to play. Experience the sound of multiple drums in a single kit and enjoy realistic sounds through headphones.

With customizable sound options, built-in metronome, and training tools, electronic drums enhance practice sessions. Play along to favorite tunes using Bluetooth or line inputs for added enjoyment. Both new and experienced drummers appreciate the versatility and quality of Roland V-Drums.

Why Roland and why V-Drums?

Roland stands out as a trusted brand in electronic drums for several reasons. With a history dating back to 1985 and the introduction of V-Drums in 1997, Roland has extensive experience and expertise in the field. They offer a diverse range of drum sets that cater to different styles and skill levels. Whether you’re looking for an economical option, a high-end kit, or something in between, Roland has you covered. The TD-07 series, in particular, is designed to enhance drummers’ skills and provide inspiration, fun, and ample learning opportunities. It’s an excellent choice for new drummers looking to improve and progress.

The brain behind the operation

Get ready to groove with the perfect drum beats, while the TD-07 takes charge of the intelligence behind it all. Simply connect your headphones and experience the genuine, immersive drum sounds produced by this exceptional kit. Worried about disturbing your family, roommates, or neighbors? No problem! The TD-07 ensures a low volume output when played outdoors. Its user-friendly interface boasts conveniently placed buttons on the front, making operation a breeze. Plus, the inclusion of a practical LCD screen allows you to personalize sounds, utilize built-in tools, and enjoy a delightful musical adventure.

“You’ll be amazed by the amount of features that are packed into this machine!”

The sound

Experience the ultimate versatility with the TD-07 and its extensive range of onboard presets. Take your drumming to new heights by selecting kits tailored to various genres, such as rock, funk, EDM, jazz, hip hop, and many more. The TD-07 allows you to effortlessly customize any kit to your heart’s content. Explore a plethora of effects, tuning options, and more to achieve the exact sound you desire. Whether you’re emulating timeless classics or seeking to create a unique sound, the TD-07 keeps your drumming sessions fresh and captivating.

But that’s not all! With the TD-07 and select Roland V-Drums, you can capture up to 60 minutes of your performances. This invaluable feature serves as a digital journal for your weekly practice sessions. Monitor your progress and stay motivated by tracking your improvement over time. By fostering a sense of accomplishment, the TD-07 ensures that drummers of all levels will find themselves returning to the kit again and again, ready to embark on endless musical journeys.

Learn faster with Coach Mode

Master your drumming skills anytime with the TD-07’s Onboard Coach. No need to wait for weekly lessons as you can receive feedback whenever you want. Use the Time Check feature to set a tempo, play, and receive a grade based on your precision. The Quiet Count exercise develops core competencies by playing the metronome’s click, pausing, and then returning. Enjoy private practice sessions without nervousness or anxiety, focusing solely on skill improvement. The TD-07 empowers drummers to enhance their abilities effortlessly and confidently.

Get ahead with Melodics

Enhance your TD-07 experience with the Melodics app, maximizing its potential. This exceptional software seamlessly integrates with the majority of Roland kits, providing access to 40 complimentary lessons. Within a single app, you can develop your timing, groove, and muscle memory. The lessons are thoughtfully divided into simple steps, ensuring easy comprehension.

Through the Pre-Play feature, you can explore the lesson content and gain valuable tips. The Performance mode evaluates your drumming skills in real-time, providing immediate feedback. Additionally, Step Complete offers further guidance to enhance your performance in subsequent attempts.

Melodics caters to drummers of all styles and preferences. You can jam along with various genres such as rock, surf, punk, reggae, house, and more. Unleash your creativity by learning iconic drum beats from classic songs. The diverse range of options available will captivate drummers, enticing them to spend hours honing their craft.

Keep practicing fun!

The TD-07 connects to smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth, allowing you to groove along to any band or song without extra cables. You can also learn from YouTube lessons. After each practice session, focus on improving specific elements of your drumming.

“Whether you’re learning, practicing, or just jamming, electronic drums are perfect in every way!”

Embrace the advancements of the past century, which have revolutionized the drum set and music education. Experience the pinnacle of modern technology by opting for an electronic drum set. With its seamless plug-and-play functionality, you can quickly connect and start playing. Moreover, the diverse range of sounds adds an element of fun and creativity to your drumming sessions.

Roland’s TD-07 goes beyond mere entertainment, offering a wealth of educational tools. By combining Roland kits with the interactive learning platform Melodics, you can unlock an immersive learning experience right in the comfort of your own home. Whether your intention is to have fun, pursue education, or a mix of both, electronic drums are the perfect choice for aspiring drummers.