Roland RH-5: Versatile Headphones for Musicians

As a contemporary musician, the significance of top-tier headphones cannot be overstated. Whether for individual practice sessions on digital keyboards, electric guitars, or electronic drum kits, for scrutinizing mixes, or simply immersing in playlists, Roland’s RH-5 headphones stand out as a versatile choice. Tailored for working musicians without straining their budgets, these closed-back headphones offer comfort and a clear soundstage, thanks to their high-performance 40mm drivers that preserve the full range of tones and dynamics. Regardless of your instrument or musical direction, having the RH-5 headphones in your gear bag is a must.

Key Features:

  1. High-performance 40mm drivers ensuring dynamic sound quality.
  2. Exceptional value coupled with high-quality performance.
  3. Natural, balanced response suitable for various instruments.
  4. Lightweight and secure design offering comfort during extended use.
  5. Conversion plug included, accommodating both standard and mini headphone connectors.
  6. Ideal for general audio playback.

Perfect for Any Digital Instrument

Whether your music creation spans DAW production or covers a spectrum of electronic instruments, having the RH-5 headphones on standby ensures you’re always primed for creativity. Positioned at a competitive price point, these headphones, an entry model in Roland’s renowned RH series, come equipped with 40mm drivers that offer a dynamic and well-balanced tone, catering to digital pianos, guitars, synths, digital drums, and more. Moreover, even after your session concludes, the RH-5 headphones continue to shine, serving as an excellent choice for streaming music, delivering robust bass and crystal-clear highs.

Closed-Back Design for Immersive Listening

Immerse yourself in your music without distractions with the RH-5 headphones’ closed-back design. This feature eliminates external noise and sound bleed from other instruments, allowing for an uninterrupted musical experience. Weighing a mere 190 grams, these headphones ensure fatigue-free usage during prolonged work on demanding mixes or musical compositions. The addition of a sturdy 3-meter cord provides flexibility, enabling easy transitions between various instruments, computers, and recording consoles. Ultimately, the RH-5 headphones by Roland enhance the comfort, focus, and productivity of recording and practice sessions.