Since the introduction of its first synthesizer in 1973, Roland has been dedicated to pushing the boundaries of keyboard technology. Today, Roland’s extensive lineup of keyboards—including arrangers, synthesizers, and workstations—showcases innovative design, expressive playability, and cutting-edge sound. Whether you’re crafting intricate arrangements, exploring new sonic landscapes, or performing on stage, Roland keyboards deliver an unparalleled musical experience for artists at all levels.

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E-X Series

The E-X Series Arranger Keyboard takes centre stage in your musical world. Its sleek design, authentic Roland sounds and built-in speaker system invite you to immerse yourself in moments of reflection with vibrant acoustic pianos or elevate the atmosphere with full-band accompaniment.


From studio to stage

Roland Synthesizers offer an expansive palette of sounds, from classic tones to futuristic textures. Their advanced engines enable you to seamlessly blend iconic synth sounds with innovative effects and modulation capabilities. Whether you’re crafting smooth vintage vibes or edgy, modern soundscapes, Roland Synthesizers provide the tools to bring your sonic imagination to life.


Fantom and Fantom-0 Series

Roland’s Fantom series re-imagines the music workstation with streamlined real-time power and versatile workflow. Enjoy a vast sound collection, instant-load sampling from 16 pads, and high-quality effects. An easy-use sequencer and DAW compatibility enhance recording and production.

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