Getting Started with BOSS Tone Studio and Katana

Discover how BOSS Tone Studio can elevate your guitar sound and enhance your Katana amplifier experience.


BOSS Tone Studio is a comprehensive, free software platform designed to enhance and expand the functionality of BOSS Katana Amplifiers. It offers numerous features, including:

  • Customizing Amplifier Presets: Shape the basic amp models more deeply than with the amp’s control panel.
  • Expanded Effects Catalog: Access and store a wider variety of effects, surpassing the factory presets.
  • Visual Signal Chain and Parameter Editing: Edit the signal chain and parameters visually.
  • Preset Library Management: Store and recall presets, transforming your Katana for any genre or situation.
  • Global Settings and Firmware Updates: Adjust global amp settings and update firmware to access the latest features and effects.

Why Use BOSS Tone Studio?

Although Katana amps are fully functional on their own, BOSS Tone Studio significantly increases their flexibility and tonal control. The extensive range of effects and amp models lets you explore new tones, and the platform’s detailed editing capabilities allow you to fine-tune every sound to perfection.

BOSS Tone Studio’s intuitive design makes it simple to get quick results without adjusting the amp’s controls. Plus, with numerous online resources such as forums, Facebook groups, YouTube videos, and downloadable presets, there’s never been a better time to join the Katana community.

Do I Need to Use BOSS Tone Studio?

BOSS Katana amps are complete stand-alone amplifiers, offering six amp types with variations, a range of effects, prebuilt presets, and numerous power and tone-shaping controls. However, Tone Studio enhances your creative control, allowing for highly detailed preset editing and extensive preset storage and recall options. This makes it ideal for session players, gigging musicians, and those exploring different genres.

Getting Started

To begin using BOSS Tone Studio with your Katana amp, you’ll need to download and install the following:

  1. The latest firmware for your Katana model (if required)
  2. The Katana driver for your computer’s operating system
  3. BOSS Tone Studio for Katana

These files are available on your Katana amp’s product page under the Downloads tab. Follow the provided step-by-step instructions for installation. If you don’t yet own a Katana amp, you can still download BOSS Tone Studio and explore its features offline.

BOSS Tone Studio for Katana Gen 3

Connecting your Katana amp to BOSS Tone Studio provides an intuitive interface for adjusting amp tones, loading and customizing effects, saving and recalling Tone Settings, and more. Changes made in the editor are immediately reflected in the amp and vice versa.

Customizing Amp Settings

At the top of the editor screen, you can access all amplifier controls. With fine control of each parameter, you can make precise adjustments to dial in perfect sounds. The eight tabs beneath the Amp Control panel let you fine-tune Katana’s many features.

Editing Onboard Effects

Katana amps include access to over 60 different BOSS effects. With BOSS Tone Studio, you can audition, edit, and load these effects into the 15 available onboard storage locations. Effects are organized into five categories: Booster, Mod, Delay, FX, and Reverb. You can load effects from specific groups into each category, offering flexibility in your effects chain setup.

Fine-Tune Effects Parameters

Five tabs allow for detailed preset creation for the Katana effects blocks, providing far greater control than the amplifier itself. Each effect has a full range of parameters for fine-tuning.

Saving Tone Settings

After adjusting parameters, you can save them as a Tone Setting in the Katana by clicking the WRITE button in the editor. Save settings to the desired destination, with Katana models offering multiple memories for presets.

Librarian and Livesets

BOSS Tone Studio includes a librarian for backing up current amp settings and managing Livesets. Livesets help organize Tone Settings for different gigs, songs, or sessions, making it easy to load them into the Katana when needed.

Download Pro Livesets at BOSS Tone Central

BOSS Tone Studio provides direct access to BOSS Tone Central, where you can browse and download Liveset collections created by top pro players. You can also use the BOSS Tone Exchange platform to access and share Katana sounds created by the online community.

Additional Katana System Settings

The System button in Tone Studio accesses master settings for the amp and software, allowing for adjustments to MIDI, USB, and device settings. For amps with rear-panel effects loops, you can adjust send/return levels and positions.

Bluetooth® Audio

Katana Gen 3 amps can be controlled via the optional Bluetooth® Audio MIDI Dual Adaptor (BT-DUAL) for wireless audio playback and remote editing from the BTS app.

Endless Customization

BOSS Tone Studio offers endless customization possibilities, allowing you to explore and create in any genre for any musical application. With Tone Studio, the Katana amp can become any amplifier you want it to be. Dive into its vast capabilities and embark on your sonic journey.