Advanced MIDI Techniques with Roland Workstations for Live and Studio Use

MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) has revolutionized the way musicians compose, perform, and produce music. Roland workstations are equipped with powerful MIDI capabilities that can enhance both live performances and studio productions. In this article, we will explore advanced MIDI techniques to help you get the most out of your Roland workstation, whether you’re on stage or in the studio.

1. MIDI Mapping and Customization

One of the most powerful features of Roland workstations is the ability to map and customize MIDI controls. This allows you to assign specific functions to different knobs, sliders, and pads on your workstation.

  • Custom Control Assignments: Assign MIDI controls to various parameters such as volume, pan, effects, and filters. This can be especially useful in a live setting where quick adjustments are necessary.
  • MIDI Learn: Use the MIDI Learn function to quickly assign controls by simply moving the desired knob or slider. This intuitive feature simplifies the customization process.

2. Using MIDI to Control External Gear

Roland workstations can serve as the central hub for your entire setup, controlling external synthesizers, drum machines, and other MIDI-compatible devices.

  • MIDI Thru: Utilize the MIDI Thru port to daisy-chain multiple devices. This allows you to control several instruments from your Roland workstation simultaneously.
  • Synchronization: Sync external gear with your workstation’s sequencer. This ensures that all your instruments play in perfect harmony, maintaining tight timing and synchronization.

3. MIDI Sequencing and Automation

The built-in sequencer on Roland workstations is a powerful tool for creating complex arrangements and automating performance parameters.

  • Step Sequencing: Create intricate patterns and sequences using the step sequencer. This allows for precise control over note placement and duration, ideal for electronic and dance music.
  • Automation: Record and edit automation for various parameters such as filter sweeps, volume changes, and effects modulation. This adds dynamic movement to your compositions and performances.

4. Advanced MIDI Routing

Effective MIDI routing can enhance your workflow and creative possibilities.

  • Multi-Timbral Setup: Set up your workstation to play multiple MIDI channels simultaneously. This allows you to layer different sounds and create rich, complex textures.
  • MIDI Splits and Layers: Create keyboard splits and layers to assign different sounds to various sections of the keyboard. This technique is particularly useful in live performances, enabling you to switch between sounds seamlessly.

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5. Integrating with DAWs

Integrate your Roland workstation with a Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) to expand your production capabilities.

  • MIDI Over USB: Connect your workstation to your computer via USB to transmit MIDI data. This enables you to use your workstation as a MIDI controller for virtual instruments and plugins in your DAW.
  • DAW Control: Use your workstation to control DAW functions such as transport, track selection, and mixing. Many Roland workstations come with templates for popular DAWs, simplifying the setup process.

6. MIDI Effects and Processing

Enhance your MIDI data with effects and processing techniques.

  • Arpeggiators and MIDI FX: Use built-in arpeggiators and MIDI effects to add complexity and movement to your performance. These tools can generate patterns and rhythms that would be difficult to play manually.
  • MIDI Filtering and Transforming: Filter out specific MIDI messages or transform them to different values. This can help clean up your MIDI data and create more refined performances.


Mastering advanced MIDI techniques with your Roland workstation opens up a world of creative possibilities for both live performances and studio productions. By customizing MIDI mappings, controlling external gear, utilizing sequencing and automation, and integrating with DAWs, you can unlock the full potential of your instrument. Whether you’re creating intricate studio compositions or delivering dynamic live shows, these advanced MIDI techniques will help you get the most out of your Roland workstation. Embrace the power of MIDI and take your music to new heights!

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