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Calling all iTende players

Entries for the KZN leg of the XPS-iTENde Competition are now closed and we’re so excited to start the final round to get our winner! 

Your chance might be coming soon! Sign up below and stay tuned to our social media pages to get more details and updates on the next leg of the Roland XPS-iTENde competition. 

How The Competition Works:
Are you the star iTende keyboard player in your church? Show off your skills using the XPS-10 which comes loaded with all your favourite iTende sounds and beats! YOU could stand a chance to win your very own XPS-10! 

Sign Up For Updates On The Next Leg of the Competition:

How the winner will be selected

  1. The number of Facebook likes for your recorded iTende performance post:
  • Your performance will be posted to the Roland SA Facebook page
  • You will then share it on your Facebook page and ask your friends and family to vote for your video by clicking Like
  • After the first round entries are complete our judges panel will select the Top 10 players for the final round also considering the number of likes achieved on each post. 
  • The Top 10 Players will have their clips reposted a second time to the Roland SA page for the voting of the winner
  • The total likes for this post will be what is considered
  • This number will make up 70% of your final score
  1. Judge Discretion:
  • We have a panel of experienced iTende players that will rate the performances with a score
  • This score will make up 30% of a players final score

All Top 10 qualifying players final score is made of 70% Facebook likes + 30% Judge Discretion = 100%. The highest scoring player on these criteria will be the winner.

Roland XPS-iTENde Contest
Videos from our KwaZulu-Natal entrants

Here are some of the entries received for the KwaZulu-Natal section of the Roland XPS-iTENde Contest.

Scroll up to find out more about the contest.

All the videos from our Gauteng entrants

Here are the entries received for the Gauteng section of the Roland XPS-iTENde Contest, plus some photos of the winner!

Congratulations to Thozama Phikiso, the winner of the Gauteng section of the Roland XPS-iTENde competition. We’re sure your prize of a brand new Roland XPS-10 keyboard will take your talents to new heights!