FREE iTende Sounds and Beats

For Your XPS-10 Keyboard

Get the Iconic Power of the E-Series For Your Itende Music

E-Series Sounds
  • 501: Itende Mix 1
  • 502: Itende x Bass
  • 504: Synth Bass
  • 505: Mandolin & Strings
  • 506: Mandolin & Choir
  • 508: TremFlute & Mandolin
  • 509: Synth Bass II
  • 510: Hummings I
  • 511: Synth & Synth Bass I
  • 512: Synth & Synth Bass II
  • 513: Hummings II
  • 514: Hummings III
  • 16_Beat_E500
  • e16_polka
  • e500_Bluegrass
  • Triplet_enka
  • Zion Beat
  • 16_Beat_E500
  • 2023_Worship
  • e16_polka
  • e500_Bluegrass
  • EhhAhh_Bt
  • Gwaba_ZionBt
  • Itende_Blues
  • Levels_bt
  • Modern_bt
  • New_Worship
  • PianoTime_Bt
  • RS_ChorusBt
  • Thomoyi_Bt
  • Triplet_enka
  • Woza_eZion
  • Zion Beat

Complete and Download

You can now get your favourite iTende sounds and rhythms from the famous Roland E-series right on your XPS-10 keyboard! Subscribe to our mailing list by completing the below fields to get these sounds with the accompanying instructions on how to install them.

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Video Tutorials

English Tutorial

Zulu Tutorial

Installation Instructions

Follow These Steps to Install The Itende E-Series Sounds on Your XPS-10

To complete the installation you will need a USB Flash stick and your XPS-10 must be switched off. 

1. Subscribe to the Roland mailer and download the sound files to your computer/laptop (above)
2. Empty your USB flash stick’s memory.
3. Put your USB flash stick into your XPS-10.
4. Switch on your XPS-10.
5. Press Menu then navigate to Utility by pressing the right cursor button.
6. Press Enter, then navigate to Format USB Flash Memory by using/pressing the right cursor button.
7. Press Enter… wait Until it’s done.
8. Remove your USB flash stick from XPS-10.
9. Put your USB flash stick into your computer/laptop
10. On your USB flash stick, you will now see three folders IMPORT,ROLAND and Song List.
11. Copy your “XPS-10v6.SVD” file and paste it in ROLAND>>XPS>>BACKUP in your USB
12. Copy all files from the downloaded folder song list and paste them into the Song List folder on the USB flash stick.
13. Remove USB from laptop/computer and put it into XPS-10 wait 10 seconds
14. Press Menu and navigate to Utility, Press Enter and navigate to Restore and press enter.
15. Press enter and confirm with enter again, then wait for the restore to complete.