Boss RE-202 Space Echo Digital Delay Pedal

Tape Delay and Spring Reverb Effects Pedal with Stereo Signal Patch, Footswitch/Expression Pedal Input, and Tap Tempo

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Authentic Space Echo Tape Delay Effects

The world-famous RE-201 Space Echo effect makes its return in compact-pedal form with the BOSS RE-2 Space Echo! Offering authentic multi-head tape echo effects with expanded delay times, the beloved spring reverb sound, and a ton of control over effects parameters, the RE-2 Space Echo sounds amazing with guitars and keyboards, as well as drum machines. An external footswitch/expression pedal input gives you creative hands-free control options, and the true stereo signal path is perfect for multi-amp rigs and studio mixing applications. From rockabilly slapback to drenched dub echoes, the BOSS RE-2 Space Echo delivers the iconic Space Echo sound in a pedalboard-friendly format.

Sweeten your tone on the way in

The original Space Echo effects processor offered more than sweet spring reverb and vibrant tape echo — its preamp stage is the hidden secret to countless iconic guitar recordings. The BOSS RE-2 Space Echo models the harmonic character of the original preamp precisely, ready to add some detail and presence to your source signal. Turn on the preamp modeling for extra sonic sweetness on the way in, or leave your analog dry signal unprocessed to maintain your core guitar tone.


  • Authentic sound of the classic Roland RE-201 Space Echo in a compact pedal
  • Multi-head tape echo effects offer expanded delay time over the original
  • Vintage spring reverb effect with stereo operation for expansive ambience
  • Introduce tape modulation via Wow and Flutter controls
  • Twist effect with footswitch control for hands-free creative manipulation
  • Leave your analog dry signal unprocessed or sweeten it with the sound of the original Space Echo preamp
  • True stereo signal path is perfect for keyboards, multi-amp rigs, and studio applications
  • Tap tempo for hands-free tempo control