Boss IR-200 Amp and IR Cabinet Pedal

Polyphonic Synthesizer Guitar/Bass Effects Pedal with 171 Sounds, 128 User Presets, Send/Return Loop, and Expression/Switch Input

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BOSS’s Exceptional Polysynth Pedal Made Better!

Throw the BOSS SY-200 guitar synthesizer pedal on your pedalboard, and you can easily leave the bulky, cumbersome synths at home! This impressive pedal comes stock with 171 sounds divided among 12 styles, giving you instant access to leads, pads, strings, basses, special effects sounds, and more with the turn of a knob. Once you find that perfect sound to inspire your next creation, three tweakable knobs below the LCD screen make it easy to fine-tune your tone to perfection. While the SY-200 takes more than a few cues from its predecessor, the BOSS SY-1, user-focused optimizations like 128 programmable user presets and an enhanced I/O place the SY-200 in a class all its own. With the BOSS SY-200 guitar synthesizer pedal in tow, channeling many of music history’s most sought-after synth sounds with your favorite axe is easier than ever.

171 sounds across a dozen unique styles

With nearly 200 different sounds on tap, the SY-200 packs plenty of versatility to fit comfortably into any rig. Its 171 total sounds clock in at 50 more than its pint-sized sibling the SY-1, divided across a dozen styles for the ultimate in tonal flexibility. These styles cover a broad range of synthetic tones, including:

  • Lead
  • Pad
  • String
  • Bell
  • Organ
  • Bass
  • Dual
  • Sweep
  • Noise
  • SFX
  • SEQ
  • Arpeggio

Whether you’re looking to highlight a specific song section or to create complete synth scores with your guitar, you’ll be impressed by the sounds you can craft with the BOSS SY-200.

Handy memory bank stores all your favorite presets

When players first got their hands on BOSS’s SY-1, they were blown away by its incredible arsenal of authentic synth tones. That said, the common request was always the same — a memory bank for saving presets! You asked, and BOSS more than listened, loading the SY-200 with enough memory to store a staggering 128 different sounds for instant recall. Rather than spend countless hours fidgeting to find that sound from last night’s rehearsal, the SY-200 makes it easy to save and pull up presets, with a MEMORY/CTL 1 footswitch on the face for hands-free toggling through saved settings.

Fully featured I/O for whatever rig you’re running

The adventure doesn’t stop at simply exploring the SY-200’s synthy sounds — there are a boatload of I/O options to integrate this pedal directly into guitar and bass rigs of all kinds! Flip it around to the back, and you’ll be met with your standard input and output as well as a parallel send/return, so it plays nicely with all your favorite modulation and time-based pedals. There’s even a CTL 2,3/EXP jack for connecting external footswitches or an expression pedal. Turn to the side, and a pair of 3.5mm MIDI jacks, as well as a micro-USB jack, are ready to take your connections to the next level, allowing for full MIDI support and firmware updates when connected to a computer, respectively.


  • Polyphonic synthesizer pedal for electric guitar and bass
  • 171 total sounds across 12 different styles
  • 3 tweakable parameters per sound
  • Option to store up to 128 different user presets
  • Parallel send/return loop for integrating effects pedals or going direct out to a separate amp
  • No additional pickups or electronics necessary
  • Blend your guitar and synth tones with independent volume controls
  • 3.5mm jacks for full MIDI support; micro-USB connects to a computer for firmware updates
  • Zero-latency operation
  • CTL 2,3/EXP jack for additional control via expression pedal or footswitch (not included)