Boss FZ-1W Waza Craft Fuzz Effects Pedal

Tabletop Loop Station with 5 Stereo Tracks, 2 XLR Mic Inputs with Phantom Power, 2 Stereo Line Input Pairs, Onboard FX, Rhythm Generator, and Looping Controls

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Powerful Looper with Big Performance Potential

The BOSS RC-505 Mk2 loop station takes the acclaimed tabletop looper to new levels of performance capability, implementing a slew of user-requested features to empower your creativity. Its premium signal path delivers amazing sound quality, with 32-bit AD/DA conversion and 32-bit floating-point processing. You have a ton of effects on tap, including 49 Input FX for processing incoming signals, and 53 Track FX for further manipulation of your looped phrases. And connectivity has been expanded, with dual XLR mic inputs (with phantom power for condenser mics), a pair of stereo line inputs, and three stereo line output pairs. Whether you’re a multi-instrumentalist, a vocalist, a beatboxer, or any other type of loop artist, the BOSS RC-505 Mk2 is sure to nurture your sonic creativity.

Five stereo phrase tracks with independent controls

The RC-505 Mk2 offers individual controls for all five of its stereo phrase tracks. This allows you to play five different loops simultaneously while mixing and manipulating effects on the fly. Each track features dedicated record/overdub/play and stop buttons, allowing you to quickly control your performance with the touch of a button. And with ultra-rugged long-throw faders, you can make precise mix adjustments as you build up your set. Musicians know that intuitive hands-on control is paramount when you’re performing live, and the RC-505 Mk2’s dedicated controls make for endless creative possibilities.

Versatile onboard effects

With an arsenal of built-in effects available at your fingertips, the RC-505 Mk2 makes it easy to modify your sound as you perform. Use the input effects to create unique sonic textures while you’re recording, or employ track effects for real-time processing while your loops play back. For overall processing, the RC-505 Mk2 provides global compression and master reverb effects.

Phrase storage and onboard rhythms

The phrase memory feature of the RC-505 Mk2 allows for the storage of up to 99 different playback and effects settings, as well as phrase track data. If you have a certain setup that you always begin with before every performance, you can save and recall your preferences through the User Set. Also built in to this powerful loop station are over 200 different rhythm patterns, with 16 different drum kits to choose from. You can use these either as backing tracks or as reference guides as you explore new compositions and arrangements.


  • Tabletop looper with 5 stereo phrase tracks and onboard rhythm generator
  • Premium audio quality with 32-bit AD/DA and 32-bit floating-point processing
  • 5 stereo phrase tracks with dedicated controls and volume faders
  • Input FX and Track FX each offer up to 4 simultaneous effects (49 Input FX types, 53 Track FX types)
  • Mark Back function offers enhanced undo/redo functionality when performing
  • Comprehensive connectivity with 2 XLR microphone inputs with phantom power, 2 stereo line input pairs, and 3 stereo line output pairs
  • 99 memory locations, each with 5 phrase tracks, effects/playback settings, control assignments, and more
  • Deep MIDI support for integration with external controllers and hybrid setups
  • Create new grooves on the fly with over 200 onboard rhythm patterns and 16 drum kits
  • 2 control inputs support up to 2 footswitches or 1 expression pedal each
  • USB connection for data backup, phrase import/export with BOSS Tone Studio, and drum pattern import with the RC Rhythm Converter app