Boss DD-500 Digital Delay Effects Pedal

Filled with newly developed BOSS technology, the DD-500 is the most powerful and versatile stompbox delay ever created. This incredible sound-creation toolbox offers 12 distinctive delay modes with exceptional audio quality, plus deep editing controls, a graphic display, patch memories, MIDI, and much more. From basic echo to dead-on emulations of classic delays to incredibly lush spatial textures that take your breath away, the DD-500 will launch your music places you never thought possible.

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The new ultimate delay pedal is here. The Boss DD-500 takes their years of research in creating both digital and analogue effects to make one of the most versatile delay pedals available today. With 12 delay modes, MIDI connectivity, multiple user patch spaces, phrase looper and the option of buffered or true bypass operation makes this is one serious bit of kit.

Unbeatable Quality
I am sure when some of you hear the term ‘digital delay’ you get memories of old unnatural sounding units with poor processing. Well those days are long gone and with the DD-500 featuring 32-Bit/96 kHz processing you can rest assured that your delay tones will come out as crisp and clear as any analogue pedal. Don’t want to digitise your clean signal- Perfect as the DD-500 actually keeps your clean signal from ever entering the digital side of the pedal. By completely bypassing that your dry clean signal is not processed in anyway keeping 100% of your tone.

So Much Delay
With 12 different types of delay found in this pedal you can cover pretty much any effect you ever needed. From standard digital delays that have crisp and clear overtones to vintage inspired tape emulations here is the full list of internal effects.

  • Standard – Digital Delay
  • Analog – BBD like delay similar to BOSS DM series
  • Tape – Emulates the sound of the Maestro Echoplex and Roland RE-201 Space Echo
  • Vintage Digital – 1980’s style digital delay like the SDE-2000 and 3000 units from Roland
  • Dual – Two different delay lines based on the Standard patch
  • Pattern – Up to sixteen different delay lines that can be set up to create incredible rhythmic like effects
  • Reverse- Backwards delay for sweet psychedelic effects
  • SFX – A range of weird and wonderful effects perfect for adding accents to your songs
  • Shimmer – A range of pitch shifted delays for that chorus of angels like effect.
  • Filter- Take the standard delay and add in a sweeping filter. Perfect for long held chords.
  • Slow Attack – Ethereal like sounds that come in slowly along with your guitars dry signal.
  • Tera Echo – Based on the modern classic BOSS TE-2 pedal for some out of this world sounds

For Stage and Studio
While some pedals sound great live and others in the studio the DD-500 prides itself on working great in any environment. This is thanks to the excellent amount of controllability you have with this pedal. Not only do you have three footswitches on the pedal to access different banks of effects and utilise the built in looper but you can also add extra footswitches to control things like tap tempo, hold and more.
Add in full MIDI control that can come from any external controller of your choice including you DAW of choice at the studio and you have access to control not possible before on many other guitar based delay units.