Roland V-Drums Acoustic Design VAD706GC Electronic Drum Set – Gloss Ebony

5-pc Wood Shell Electronic Drum Set with 10″ and 12″ Toms, 14″ Floor Tom, 22″ Bass Drum, 14″ Digital Snare Drum, 18″ Digital Ride Cymbal, 14″ Digital Hi-hats, 2 x 16″ Crash Cymbals, and TD-50X Sound Module – Gloss Cherry Lacquer

Note: Does not include snare stand, kick pedal, and hi-hat stand.


Premium Lacquered Shells Meet Groundbreaking V-Drums Tech

The Roland VAD706 (V-Drums Acoustic Design) hybrid drum set blends the look and response of a traditional acoustic kit with the pioneering electronics of the modern V-Drums lineup. Real wood shells with lacquered maple finish plies and Roland’s legendary multi-ply mesh heads supply a quiet and custom response at every turn. From the crack of a cranked snare to the wooly give of a classic kick drum, the VAD706 lets you feel, sense, and approach the drums in a whole new light. Across the kit, Roland’s slim, rubberized, multi-zone V-Cymbals serve up the expression you need to craft compelling musical ideas for styles ranging from jazz to metal. The VAD706 comes outfitted with Roland’s trailblazing TD-50X module and a full-sized digital snare, a ride, and hi-hat pads. Together with its massive 22-inch wood bass drum and fusion-sized 10/12/14-inch tom ensemble, the VAD706 captures subtleties in your performances that would be missed using a traditional stage kit, all while looking the part for conventional club, stadium, studio, and sanctuary use. Kitted up with a robust set of included Roland stands, the V-Drums VAD706 hybrid drum set sports an irresistible look that’ll make your performances stand out in fresh new ways.

What’s Included with the Roland VAD706:

  • TD-50X drum module
  • 14-inch PD-140DS digital snare
  • 22-inch KD-222 bass drum
  • 10-inch PDA100 high tom
  • 12-inch PDA120 mid tom
  • 14-inch PDA140F floor tom
  • 18-inch CY-18DR digital ride
  • 14-inch VH-14D digital hi-hat
  • 16-inch CY-16R-T crash cymbals (x 2)
  • DTS-30S hardware pack with boom stands and module mount

VAD706: The Magic Is in the Shells

All-wood construction

Nothing looks and plays like wood drums. The Roland VAD706’s full-sized wood shells and tuneable mesh heads supply the feel of your favorite acoustic kit, all with a sound output that’s easy to tame onstage or in a residential setting.

Gloss lacquer finish

The VAD706’s bass and tom shells come decked out in a deluxe maple finish ply with a decadent gloss lacquer finish. Together with its polished chrome hardware, the VAD706 creates an irresistible look from both sides of the kit.

Top and bottom mesh heads

Roland is legendary for its tunable multi-ply mesh heads. These quiet and remarkably sensitive heads make an appearance on both sides of the VAD706’s tom and snare shells to give players an unprecedented level of tactile control. Roland’s mesh heads are quite durable to boot, with the ability to stand up to heavy attacks without tearing or requiring constant tuning.

Powered by the TD-50X Drum Module

Meet Roland’s flagship V-Drums module

The VAD706’s TD-50X module takes V-Drums tone and expression to new levels. Inside, you’ll find 70 premium preset drum kits and 900 instrument sounds that run the gamut from rock, pop, and metal to EDM, world, and experimental styles. Support for all three of Roland’s latest digital pads — snare, ride, and hi-hat — makes playing the TD-50X the most lifelike V-Drums experience to date. Hands-on mix faders and per-function knobs and switches provide endless opportunities to drill down and fine-tune your sound with muffling, tuning, and more. Other features eDrummers love in the TD-50X include discrete I/O for pads and sends, 500 user samples for bringing your studio sounds to the stage, 24 minutes of onboard mono record time (12 minutes stereo) for capturing ideas in practice and on the road, and up to 32-channel audio over USB for creating professional drum tracks via a single cable.

Powerful Prismatic Sound Modeling

Each onboard kit within the VAD706 is crafted to sound great without tweaks. But for times when you need a custom kit for a particular performance, the TD-50X’s Prismatic Sound Modeling has you covered. You have control over each drum shell’s tone and tuning and each cymbal’s size and liveliness; you can even control virtual mic placement to dial in the perfect amount of natural ambience and life. Once you’ve found your sound, sweeten your kick, snare, or toms with onboard FX such as rich reverb and smooth tape-like compression.

PureAcoustic Ambience technology

The VAD706’s PureAcoustic Ambience technology creates an immersive soundstage that really makes you feel like you’re there, even with headphones on. PureAcoustic tech lets you dive deep into sound tweaking, too — adjust virtual microphone positions like a real recording studio, then balance each part of the kit with outboard-style FX processors.

Outfitted with the Latest Digital Pads

PD-140DS: 8-sensor digital snare plays like the real thing

The heart of any modern drum kit, acoustic or electronic, is the snare drum. So it’s only fitting that a kit as advanced as the VAD706 would include a snare that’s equally sophisticated: the 14-inch Roland PD-140DS. Eight sensors across the head and rim accurately translate your performance to your V-Drums module. This means fat backbeats, cutting rimshots, delicate ghost notes and brush sweeps, and natural cross-sticks that connect every time. And thanks to its full 14-inch diameter, the Roland PD-140DS transitions seamlessly between your acoustic kit and back. Particular about your tuning? Fortunately, the PD-140DS’s 8-lug design and 3-ply mesh head make it easy to dial in whatever level of tightness or sponginess you desire.

CY-18DR: Roland’s most convincing V-Cymbal yet

The Roland CY-18DR invites players to bring their acoustic touch back to the eKit. This 18-inch V-Cymbal sways and plays just like a real cymbal. Multiple sensors across the playing surface eliminate the feeling of zones, as distinct edge, bow, and bell tones melt into one another seamlessly. And the Roland CY-18DR’s multi-touch technology not only lets you choke crash attacks with your hand, but also soften cymbal attacks with a finger’s touch. If you’ve had trouble getting the full emotion of a performance to translate through the use of traditional eCymbals, you’re in for a sweet surprise with the VAD706’s included CY-18DR V-Cymbal digital ride cymbal.

VH-14D: the digital hi-hat you’ve been waiting for

The VH-14D V-Hi-hat represents the latest in Roland’s illustrious line of V-Drums digital drum and cymbal triggers. With independent bow/edge sensors and advanced play support, this digital hi-hat trigger gives you the tools you need to create dimension and atmosphere in your tracks just like a “real” set of hi-hats. Mount the VH-14D to your favorite hi-hat stand using the included accessories, and you’re fully supported for pumping time, splashing accents, and creating dizzying variations of closed eighths, half-open flourishes, and bombastic full-bore metal washes. Whatever your style, the VH-14D’s speed and expression are second to none. Even super-quick EDM hat rolls don’t get lost when you’re grooving on the VH-14D’s soft, quiet 14-inch rubber playing surface. What really impresses us is the VH-14D’s intuitive approach to sound creation. Footing, sticking, and even choking on these hats feels much like the real thing. What’s more, the VH-14D’s sleek, low-profile design looks natural in both hybrid and fully electronic environments. So whether you’re incorporating the VAD706 Set into your stage or studio setup, its VH-14D V-Hi-hat provides the look, feel, and performance you’ve been waiting for.


  • Blends the look and response of a traditional kit with groundbreaking V-Drums electronics
  • Powered by Roland’s flagship TD-50X sound module and full-sized digital pads
  • Makes a strong impression onstage or in the studio
  • Premium wood shells with maple finish plies in a deluxe gloss lacquer finish
  • Fully outfitted with Roland’s legendary tuneable mesh heads
  • Multi-zone V-Cymbals serve up lifelike expression and dynamics
  • Digital snare, ride, and hi-hats yield unprecedented realism
  • Prismatic Sound Modeling technology lets you tune, muffle, size, and process any piece in your kit
  • PureAcoustic Ambience Technology creates lifelike soundstages through virtual microphone placement
  • Included DTS-30 hardware pack gives you a more traditional acoustic-like setup